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Picture of Circle threading pattern

This was an attempt to amuse my little girl for a few hours! Its summer holidays and believe it or not the weather is TOO HOT!

Any way this is a simple take on the pin and thread art.

Step 1: Cut and drill the plywood.

Picture of Cut and drill the plywood.

Not a lot to this really, but that does depend on whether you have a scroll saw, pedestal drill and belt sander?

  1. Print out the pattern.
  2. Stick the pattern to the plywood using stick glue.
  3. Tack 3 pieces of plywood together nailing the tacks on the outside in 2/3 places.
  4. Cut out the circles leaving the section where the tacks are uncut.
  5. Drill all the holes 2mm, make sure you use a waste piece of wood underneath.
  6. Sand around the edges.
  7. Finally cut out the tacks.
  8. And then holding the 3 bits together sand the remaining edges.
  9. Peel of the paper pattern.
  10. Gentle sand around all the holes on both sides.

I used to make these when I was young. They can be made in a circle, ellipse, or even a triangle or square. The trick to it is you have to use a whole number for your pins or holes. A whole number is a number that can only be divided by itself or 1. If you use tall pins and start the first string close to half way across your circle, then drop back a couple of pins for the next string, and continue that pattern, you form layers like a nest. Use different colored strings to make a rainbow. They really look great.
very good
zakbobdop19 days ago
That looks absolutely mesmerizing.
I remember making these when I was a kid but I'd forgotten how it was done. Now that I've seen your instructable I want to try it with my kids before the end of the holidays. It's TOO HOT too where I live so it's no fun to go outside right now!
That's fantastic! Thanks for including your pattern :D
Looks like a fun project for kids :)