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Picture of Colorful Crocheted Reusable Grocery Bags

I've been crocheting these colorful, mesh bags for the past few days. They're perfect to use as reusable grocery bags or even just for produce. You can alter the pattern to meet your own needs too.

The only things you'll need to make one of these reusable bags is a skein of yarn (although you'll use far less than the whole skein), a J-sized crochet hook, and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: First Row

Picture of First Row

1. Slip stitch, then chain stitch 36

2. Double crochet in 3rd stitch from hook.

3. Chain stitch 2.

4. Double crochet in second stitch from hook.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the end of the row.

ken0tench made it!2 months ago
I made it with plarn, plastic yarn made from recycled plastic shopping bags (the kind getting banned and phased out).
Also, I adapted the design to work the rows in-the-round rather than doing a rectangle that had to have the sides stitched later. The in-the-round technique is actually "in the flat" since it is working up one side and down the back side, but is contiguous around the sides so no joining is required at the end.
ellygibson (author)  ken0tench2 months ago
Very cool! Looks great.
CathyNoyb2 months ago
What kind of yarn did you use? What is the weight rating for it?
ellygibson (author)  CathyNoyb2 months ago
Just a medium, worsted weight yarn. I used what I had on hand, which were skeins of red heart.
Was it acrylic, cotton, or some other material? Also, approximately how much did you use for each bag? Exact length or weight isn't important, but yarn comes in so many different skein sizes that the skein weight or length would be helpful. Thanks.
ellygibson (author)  CathyNoyb2 months ago
I just used acrylic yarn. I probably used 1/4 or so (that's a guess) of a standard skein of Red Heart. But you can use whatever you already have; cotton yarn would work really well. That's the beauty of this and utilitarian crocheting in general — it's adaptable and very forgiving.
Cotton yarn is the best. Easy to wash out stains if something would leak or spill.
ellygibson (author)  rosie.maybee.312 months ago
Sure. I just used what I had on hand, which was just the normal, worsted weight stuff. It works just fine.
barmaid562 months ago
As a previous commentator ask : How much to they stretch out? Would it unravel or break with heavy items?
ellygibson (author)  barmaid562 months ago
The third picture at the top shows the bag with grocery items in it. I've made several of these and they've never unraveled or broken. That being said, I have never put like 30 cans of soup in them at a time either, but I wouldn't recommend that in a plastic bag either.
mooster2 months ago
It looks great. Could you add a picture of one stuffed with groceries so that we can see how much stretch it has? Thanks!
ellygibson (author)  mooster2 months ago
The third picture at the top has some groceries in it.
This is such a wonderful idea! These are nice clear instructions.
ProfessorPi2 months ago
Nice instructable! It looks really cool and really useful!
katvanlew2 months ago
Your instructions are clear and the photos are great! This is such a useful item!