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A professional air hockey setup is usually available only in arcades due to the sophisticated systems that are required to operate it. Our goal was to build a DIY air hockey table, bringing this gaming experience at home.

By using commonly available materials we have succeeded in making a cost effective and easy to build air hockey table. Our project uses the power of modern technologies such as lasercutting and 3d printing to make a customized and easily scalable system letting one build the game according to their preferences.

There is no better joy than seeing the puck gliding smoothly on the cushion of air and dropping into the goal. Follow on to build your very own air hockey game and we can ensure you that it will lead to hours of fun!

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Step 1: Overview of the Playfield

Picture of Overview of the Playfield

To conceptualize the air hockey table, we first designed it on fusion 360. We customized our playfield to a reasonable size making it easy to setup yet keep the fun factor of the game. Here are few features of our diy system:

  • Using the power of digital fabrication, various parts like the playfield and strikers were made. With present laser-cutting and 3d printing precision the components have a clean look and are durable.
  • An electronic counter facilitates keeping track of the score and provides a display for maximum three digit numbers.
  • The design uses a vacuum cleaner that features a blower option to provide the playfield with constant airflow. Giving another purpose to the vacuum cleaner and making it house friendly.
  • Embedded LED strips enhances the gaming atmosphere and adds an aesthetic aspect.
  • The use of common household materials drastically reduces the cost to build this game.
  • Form factor makes it easy to mount on a table or a floor and lets one store it away conveniently too.
tecno.xm18 days ago
Great project!
How much airflow do it need? I don't have a blower and I am looking for. My vacuum cleaner is not reversible
BulbulC19 days ago
Dude this is really awesome, thanks
zakbobdop22 days ago
Genius use of incorporating a blower into an air hockey game!
fonorio22 days ago
Bellissimo progetto e tutorial dettagliato. Bravo!!
Great Instructable, but way beyond my Little Shop of Jarfold.
RichardK4722 days ago
Great idea, but not everyone owns or has access to a laser cutter. Can you design alternatives that can be made by other, more easily accessible methods?
JeremySCook24 days ago
Neat project. So the lights aren't conntrolled by the Arduino?
Technovation (author)  JeremySCook24 days ago
For the time being they are just manually controlled with a remote, but we plan on linking to the Arduino to make it react to goals.
Ah, cool, thanks!
AnandM5423 days ago
Wow...brilliant idea and did it an awesome way..... Keep Rocking continue...
rock0625 days ago
It looks great!
Technovation (author)  rock0624 days ago
Thank for the feedback
aurojyoti24 days ago
Insane stuff guys. Keep it up!
Technovation (author)  aurojyoti24 days ago
Thank you!
Hi! It looks soooo good, like you just bought it. Thumbs up!!!
Technovation (author)  Helder Cabral24 days ago
I'm glad you like it, thanks!
binoydelta25 days ago
well done !
Technovation (author)  binoydelta24 days ago
Thank you!
tounsi7orr25 days ago
Is there any video tutorial for this project?
Btw, excellent Diy.
Technovation (author)  tounsi7orr24 days ago
There is no video tutorial, but in the introduction there is a video demonstrating the air hockey table. All the required instructions are provided in the instructables
Craftcorner25 days ago
Such a neat project with detailed instructions! Among other things, the lights were definitely a great addition and the ease of portability makes it so much more efficient. Great project!
Technovation (author)  Craftcorner24 days ago
Thanks, yes the lights do add a nice touch especially in a dark room!
ShambhaviD125 days ago
Wow this looks super fun, and is so well made. Great job! Voted
Technovation (author)  ShambhaviD124 days ago
Thanks for the positive feedback!
seamster25 days ago
This looks excellent! I've always wanted to make a diy air hockey table. Yours looks so good. Well done! :D
Technovation (author)  seamster24 days ago
Thank you!