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Picture of Gold Cement Earring and Necklace

Hi friends!

It turns out that cement can be used to create jewelry! A creative solution for those who prefer uncommon jewelry is Gold Cement Earrings and Necklace. It looks stylish and cool. You just have to make a pendant, purchase accessories for jewelry, and a spectacular DIY Set is ready!

Step 1: Pendant Mold

Picture of Pendant Mold

We will use non-corrugated, heavy cardboard to make our mold. Cut out a triangle, to use as a base. Then cut a strip - 1 cm width. Mark the size that you need to make the borders, and trim. Coate the inner sides with tape. Try to avoid wrinkles on tape. Shape the mold with your hands.

Join the sides and stick them together on the outside, with packaging tape. Add packaging tape on every folded edge of the mold. We need to keep the cement inside the mold) Insert an eye pin into the top of the mold that we made.

faltuusehe15 days ago
Amazing get a new DIY Idea.
Lovely! And about the 'dad comments'...pfft. Classic.
N6REJ22 days ago
Just one correction. That is "white cement" NOT concrete. concrete is cement that has agrigate in it. you probably don't want any aggregate unless your trying to achieve that look. Naturally it weighs more too. Many people use those terms interchangeably, however, in this case, its important not to.
Oh, one other thing, there are several kinds ( not just brands ) of "superglue". The best place to get high quality CA is at a hobby store which caters to remote control airplanes. "Zap" is one of the best brands. Mosts common variants are "thin", "thick", "slow" & normal. You'd probably have more satisfaction by using "slow" in this case as it allows longer working time. "normal" CA cures in literally in just a few seconds.
Anyway, interesting article.
Auroris (author)  N6REJ22 days ago
Thank you for your detailed comment. You are absolutely right, I will edit the "white concrete" to "white cement". I use only cement and the final results are very light as you mentioned. And thanks for info about superglues ;)
Krell Metal22 days ago
I've been a jeweler in Philadelphia since 1977 (retired now) and I'm hard to impress because I've seen it all. I like these!
Auroris (author)  Krell Metal22 days ago
Thank you! It's nice to hear that from the specialist :)
That concrete looks like corian. So clean and whitish. It contrasted nicely with the gold leaf. Congrats.
Auroris (author)  Helder Cabral24 days ago
Thank you. My dad asked if these earrings are cigarettes))) He just didn't understand my minimalistic vision... lol
Lol. Classic dad.
AnandM5424 days ago
Oh, brilliant work!!
Auroris (author)  AnandM5424 days ago
Thanks a lot :)
These are so simple and beautiful! White concrete seems like a fun material to work with :)
Auroris (author)  Penolopy Bulnick26 days ago
Thank you, Penolopy ;)