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Picture of Green Chile Peanut Brittle
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Green Chile Peanut Brittle is delicious and it's not difficult to make.

This candy is perfect for shipping to family and friends at the Holidays.

If you can't locate green chile powder locally, you can order it online from Amazon.

I've made this candy with pecans instead of peanuts and it was very good also!

Step 1: Prepare the Cookie Sheet

It is important to have the cookie sheet prepared before you make the candy because it will start cooling and getting thicker once you turn off the heat.

Cut a piece of parchment paper the size of your cookie sheet. Place in bottom of pan and spray with non-stick cooking oil. Place cookie sheet on towels and/or pot holders because it will get very hot when you pour the candy mixture into it.

yummy, i want this please
Easy to to make, will try it.
Is it really so tasty??
ohhhhhhhh yes
ellygibson1 month ago
Sounds like a tasty treat!