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Picture of Hardcover-- Concrete End Table

This project explores many techniques and materials and combines them into an elegant final product with a versatile end table. I am very excited with how this project came together, and the experiences and techniques learned along the way.

In this Instructable, I am going to cover the process I followed to develop this project. I will share what I learned along the way and how I recovered from mistakes. Look to links for ideas, inspiration, and guides! My hope is that you don't use this instructable as a step by step recipe. However, I hope you use the ideas and techniques explored here to inspire and drive your creative process.

There are plenty of things that could have gone better. I note these at the bottom of each section as notes.

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Step 1: Inspiration

"No design works unless it embodies ideals that are held common by the people for whom the object is intended."

- Adrian Forty

I wanted to experiment with a more substantial materials that have character and a story to tell. I wanted to enrich this material with an element that shows a story of myself to tell. Thus, the material would reflect upon myself, the user, and myself upon it.


Concrete naturally dries to different levels of gray depending on the brand. Through a series of tests, I did not like the darkness of the gray with the letters. A quick google brought me to many topics about adding Titanium Dioxide to concrete to make it white. Turns out, it is also used in buildings to absorb pollutants from the air


I wanted the text to be personal while also filling the surface. My first thought was to use news papers to create a saturated surface of text. However, I decided to use the first page from some of my favorite books along with some literary classics.


I spent many hours searing the pages of Pintrest, exploring shapes and ideas presented by other makers and product design community. You can explore that board here. The most inspiring precedent is The Magazine Stable by Brad Wray workshop.

Matlek16 days ago
Beautiful table! I really like the text transfer!
CraftAndu16 days ago
This table looks really nice!
bradhouser25 days ago
If it takes a hammer to break the board off, what would happen if the table ended up with the oak board on the floor? Would it hold the steady weight of the concrete?
fireboyand29 days ago
I think this is one of the best blogs for me because this is really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this valuable information for free.
t rex game
That's really gorgeous! Love the text :)