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Picture of Health/Mana Potion Bottles Decor

Ah, health and mana potions: the quintessential magic fluids that boost your life energy and assist you when you're fighting the bad guys.

I'd had a bunch of white sand tucked on a top shelf in one of my kitchen cabinets for a while. Every time I opened the cabinet door, it seems like the sand was screaming at me to do something with it, but I could never decide on the right craft. Finally, the other day when I was at Michael's, I had a geeky epiphany. I was looking at the array of little glass apothecary type jars they had and came across these spherical, glass, potion-like bottles for less than $2 each. Immediately, I thought of red and blue health and mana potions (that exist in pretty much every fantasy video game ever). I didn't want them to be plain looking potion bottles, so I also grabbed some decorative wire for three bucks on my Michael's trip. I'd say for less than $7, I ended up with some pretty cute health potions for my bookshelf decor and I didn't even have to smash any crates or go searching for hidden treasure chests.

Step 1: Dyeing the Sand

Picture of Dyeing the Sand

Pour the white sand in a plastic baggie and add in 10 drops of red food coloring. How much sand you use is up to how much you need; but I used about 1 1/2 cups and had some left over. Shake the plastic baggie (just make sure it's really zipped/closed!) and rub it in between your hands until it's mixed together really well. If you need to add more red food coloring, do so in five-drop increments until your desired result. Do the same with the blue food coloring and more white sand in another plastic baggie. Line a baking sheet/cake pan/whatever you have with plastic wrap and pour out the sand, red in one and blue in another. Spread the sand out as evenly as you can with a disposable utensil (I had a disposable fork/knife duo pack shoved in the back of my cutlery drawer that worked perfectly for this). Let the sand dry overnight.

attosa1 month ago
Adorable! My kinda decor!
Love it! Such a fun craft project and a great handmade gift idea!