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Build a Da Vinci Inspired Flying Machine (Glider) With Simple Supplies

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Picture of Build a Da Vinci Inspired Flying Machine (Glider) With Simple Supplies

In this Instructable, you'll learn how to make a flying machine similar to the drawings originally created by Leonardo Da Vinci in the (15th) century (over 400 years before manned flight).

Skill Level: Intermediate

Step 1: Get Inspired

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dtan19 (author)  jessyratfink9 days ago
Awesome!! Thank you!
Great job dtan19! Your build is detailed but not confusing, and you picked some great materials to use! I think you might have a shot at getting a decent prize!
dtan19 (author)  Paper Mechanic10 days ago
Thanks Paper Mechanic, great job on your build too!
Also, congratulations for your first instructable being a finalist! I thinks this deserves at least first prize!
CraftAndu10 days ago
Awesome design!
dtan19 (author)  CraftAndu9 days ago
OrigamiZach10 days ago
Very cool! I like the look of it. Also, shrinking the tissue paper to make the covering tighter was clever.
dtan19 (author)  OrigamiZach9 days ago
Hey thanks! Yeah it really helps a ton, and you’d be surprised how much slack it can take out of it while shrinking.
Omer O10 days ago
Really cool !!!
dtan19 (author)  Omer O10 days ago
Thanks Omer!
seamster13 days ago
Very nice! Once you balanced it, those flights were very impressive!
dtan19 (author)  seamster10 days ago
Thanks Seamster! Yeah, the first few flights weren't very exciting, but yeah once we got the balance all figured out it flew very well. Being totally honest I was impressed myself that it flew for so long.
RAVI_BUTANI13 days ago
Nice and neat build.... Perfect gliding....
Thanks for sharing dear
dtan19 (author)  RAVI_BUTANI10 days ago
Thanks Ravi!
Spudweg11 days ago
It looks like it would be easy to add a rubber band powered propeller.
dtan19 (author)  Spudweg10 days ago
Hi Spudweg, Yeah, it'd be pretty easy to add a rubber band powered kit to this. I'd love to see someone add a propeller and see how it goes. I decided to see if I can make it fly based only on basic flight principles.
RandyC3111 days ago
I love Sugarhouse park!
dtan19 (author)  RandyC3110 days ago
Yeah, pretty great park for a ton of reasons, the hill worked perfectly for some gliding.