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Picture of Laced Up Stone Wire Wrapped Pendant
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This is a very organic pendant, in which you create a laced "cage" to hold a favorite stone, either found or purchased. It is a great design for men or women.

As usual, please respect that this is my original design and don't use it for profit. On the other hand, please make them for all you friends and family!

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
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a stone, preferably flatish, around 40mm (does not need to be drilled)

18-21 gauge wire, I used copper - about 2'

a lighter gauge wire, like 22 or 24 gauge - about a foot


jig and pins (mine is an olympus wig jig)

jewelry pliers


metal block for hammering on

wire cutters


bail mandrel or pliers - optional

oxidizing patina like M24 - optional

jump ring - optional

jewelry sealer - optional

Your results are stunning. Love the elegant simplicity of this. Love that I have everything to make it!!
Thank You So Much!! I'd love to see what you make. Feel free to post here or DM me with a photo :-) Have fun!
wyldecent28 days ago
These are great! Would the loops around the stone hold without the lacing, if I wanted to show more of the stone?
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  wyldecent28 days ago
Yes, the loops can hold the stone without lacing as long as:
1-The wire is heavy enough. Hammering will help make it stronger.
2-The loops are big enough to wrap over the front and back of your stone.
3-You tighten the loops against the stone as much as possible.
Please let me know how this works out. Thanks!
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm looking forward to trying this!
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  wyldecent26 days ago
Great! I love to see what you make :-)
Momos751 month ago
These are so beautiful!
Rhonda Chase Design (author)  Momos751 month ago
Thank You!!
I've always heard of wire jigs, but never seen them used. Those loops are so pretty :D
Hi! I don't use mine much, but for the right project, it's fun. I used to just use nails when I needed a pattern like this :-)