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Picture of Teacher Spotlight: Brooklyntonia

Meet Brooke Brei: artist, teacher, maker of things, and simply all-around creative rock star.

She is an innovative educator and teaches art at Bridgeport High School in Bridgeport, TX.

Brooke, who you may know around here as Brooklyntonia, has been sharing her creative skills with the Instructables community for many years and has published over 120 Instructables.

If you haven't had a chance to explore all her crafty creations, you are in for a treat!

After meeting with Brooke for a fun video chat and peek into her awesome school art studio, we sent her some additional interview questions. Her responses and highlights from some of her projects are shared in the following steps.


Step 1: I Knew I Was an Artist at a Young Age

Picture of I Knew I Was an Artist at a Young Age

Image from Mod a Vinyl Art Toy With Sculpey

When did you first start making things? What kinds of things were you interested in making and doing when you were a child?

My dad always demonstrated making before buying, so for as long as I can remember, we were making anything we could, including a somewhat failed attempt at a skunk-skin cap. Though, honestly, I did more observing than helping on that one.
My mom taught me how to sew and cross-stitch, and my grandmother taught me to crochet. I knew I was an artist at a young age, so I mostly practiced drawing by reproducing coloring book pages in my sketchbook. By high school, I was involved in all sorts of projects, including helping my dad to finish constructing a tiny house in our yard, sewing some wacky fashion, and painting a mural on my bedroom wall.

MakeyMakey7 days ago
We love that old school Makey Makey guide, Brooke! ( Interactive Art With Scratch and Makey Makey ) Thanks for sharing this featured educator post, Seamster! It's cool to learn more about the makers behind the guides!